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    Sorry if this question is a bit redundant, but after searching for a while, I'm still somewhat confused as to what exactly a PQA is? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    - marc
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    A PQA is a file for wireless palm devices - Palm VII style devices (I believe PQA stands for Palm Query Application). These files aren't compatible with Palm OS5 or higher, so if you are on a T650 they will not work...
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    A PQA was Palm's answer to web browsing back in the Palm VII days. They were very small programs, or applets, you sync to your device that allowed you to retrieve specific information. For example, and American Airlines PQA would allow you to enter flight tracking information in the program installed on your Palm. When you hit "Submit", it would go online and retrieve the information. Static data was resident in the PQA program and stuff that changed was retrieved from the web.

    There were bunches of PQA's for everything you could imagine but it was a far cry from a full web browser experience.
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    Thanks for the info. I'm assuming the similar thing for the Treo 650 is just regular .PRC applications that can connect to the Internet and provide specific content via the application (i.e. Directory Assistant, etc.). There are times that it is easier to just launch an application and input the required information (i.e. flight number, phone number, etc.) and have the application get you the proper respones then it is to first have to browse to a website.
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    That's a good assumption. In fact, Directory Assistant was originally a PQA.
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    I've been wanting to write a couple of pqa-like apps, or a general purpose one that can be tailored easily. There are some http-based net services for which a browser is slow (overhead of loading browser, opening a page, requesting, receiving, and/or overkill (lots of useless crap displayed along with the interesting stuff). I was just about to finally sit and and try my first palm app when I decided to procrastinate and read treocentral instead, and saw this thread.

    Does anyone know of an open source app, or an example app with source code, that demonstrates some basics - takes text input, combines it with a URL via GET or POST method, sends request, buffers response and/or writes the response to a form? Are there any palm lib functions that format html into a form?

    I realize that this is more appropriate for the developer boards ... maybe I'll post over there, too.


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