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    Hi all,

    I drive crazy, but it seems really no available Backup solution is able to backup my GSM Treo 650 in a manner I can restore it completely.

    I get errors, apps are missing etc.

    Any recommendations for a backup app which really works?

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    TealBackup works flawlessly for me.
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    BackupMan works great for me.
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    TealBackup and Backupman works for me
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    I have been using Botzam Backup for 17 months problems at all. I would try every app that has been suggested.
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    I have Backupman and will know its true value in about 2 hours since I have recently swapped out my Treo 650 for a new one. (Bluetooth issues).
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    Other than not being smart enough to disable the BUB conduit when hotsyncing after a ROM update, I have had no complaints witht he BackUpBuddy Pro bundle. BUBP backs up to Windoze and BUBP-VFS backs up to SD card.
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    BackupBuddy VFS is working great for me. One tip I heard and have been following is to turn the phone to off before running a backup.
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    What does it fail to restore? I know that many (all?) backup progs fail to restore the Java runtime environment correctly, for example. Do they all fail on the same files for you? Do they fail if you do a system (rocker "up" until palm logo, then release) reset before restoring? Some additional data would help us help ya!
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    backupman seems to get the job done for me...
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    BackupBuddy VFS has worked great for me a couple of times. No problems backing up OR restoring.
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    Can any of these apps backup and restore the photo album? I have recently discovered that the Treo stores photos in a weird way, NOT as a normal database, and all the backup programs I've tried don't save them.
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    Botzam!!! I tried all the others and they kept resetting my treo and not restoring. Botzam is the only one that works for me.
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    i didnt have any luck with teal backup. it would freeze everytime i tried to do a restore. backupbuddy vfs seems to work most of the time but soemtimes i get errors with certain files when i try to do a full restore. havent tried botzam. i will look into that.

    drwowe, i dont see why backups wont also include photo files. most apps just back up everything (unless you specify them not to). also i would suggest saving pictures onto SD instead.
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    i use backupbuddy vfs. it works fine other then it shows an error with sms messages2. i delete it with filez but it always reappears. i don't know what it is.
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    backupman worked great for me.
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