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    I tried to select all, but it won't do it...
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    You could delete them from your desktop (back them up to another location first if necessary) which should be pretty easy to do and then synch the changes over. I would also suggest changing the hotsync options to Desktop overwrites Handheld.
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    hard reset than change the name of your phone
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    Just for my own personal curiousity (I'm sure you have a good reason) WHY IN GOD'S NAME would you want to purposefully do that?
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    I have done it by simply deleting the database files in both DekTop and Treo. I don't remember the names of the files but they are prety obvious.

    On the DT, look in the folder with your hot sync name and delete, IIRC, the address.dat file

    On the Treo it's something like AddressDB and ContactsDB

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