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    I want to change splash screen (on/off screens of Phone application) on my GSM Treo 650.
    I find many information about this for SPRINT Treo 650 on both here and Shadowmite's forum.
    But, there is no information about it on GSM Treo 650.

    I know that I have to extract the original Phone application resources and change the image then compile it with PDBCompiler (or a similar tool)

    But I don't know how to extract resources.

    Can anyone show me how to extract images from Phone application ?
    (with which tool ?)

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    doesn't anybody have information about this ?
    why don't you help me ?
    please, I know it's possible. I just need someone to tell me how...
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    I have moved your post to the developer's corner. Let's see if some of the developers could respond.
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    Once your (see my comment at the end of this post) resource DB on your desktop, you can use a prc utility / resource editor to open it and get the resources.

    --> I personaly use PRCExplorer from Regis Nicolas ( )

    Locate the Tbmp resources in the left view, right-click on it, then choose 'Save resource'. It will save the libr resource as a bin file. The bin file will contain a PalmOS bitmap (or bitmap family) structure/format.
    If you directly click on a bitmap resource ID under the Tbmp node, you can display the bitmap family in the main screen, then take a screen shot and use your favorite bitmap editor to save it as a windows bitmap file.

    --> To edit or replace bitmap resources in your resource database, you can also use PRCEdit 1.0 beta 2 (from individeo) (-not PRCEdit 1.92 that is another software-for another purpose.). You can directly edit the bitmaps (per density, per bitdepth) using the builtin bitmap editor, or take as screenshot, modify the bitmap in your favorite editor, then paste it back in the PRCedit editor. Don't have any screenshot for this application, but it's quite straightforward...

    BUT....Don't want to nag nor upset you, but I doubt that modifying the Phone application is legal. I also think that these bitmaps are PalmOne's creations, and thus protected by a copyright. IMO, you may check the EULA, or something like that before proceed.


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    thanks JPA,

    But what is the software for extracting and adding image resources as image files like how ayasin has done in the following thread:

    He has posted a link to software named PDBcompiler. But I could not find out how I can extract resources and create a source file as he suggests.

    I also asked him but didn't receive a reply...
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    To extract and add resources, you can use PRCEdit 1.0 b 2 (see my previous answer). To add a resource, use the 'New resource' menu and choose the menu item you want (Alert, Bitmap, Form, Menu bar, String).


    The HB++ team
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    I found the resources with PRC Explorer. They are not bitmap but jpeg files. I successfully extracted them with PRC Explorer. But I couldn't find a way to add the modified jpeg files instead of them.

    I guess PRC Explorer doesn't allow adding new resources. So I can only extract them with it.
    In PRC Edit, these jpeg resources are seen under "Misc" as "jpeg 6861" etc.
    I could remove them but can't add new resources with PRCEdit.
    It only allows adding new bitmaps. How can I add new jpeg resources ?

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    Hi again,

    I still couldn't find how to change jpeg resources. I can remove them but can't put new ones. Please help...
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    modifying the splash screens was ok with the help of "anhill" on the following thread:

    Now, I would also like to modify startup/shutdown sounds.
    is it possible somehow ?

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