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    I was wondering...if a caller calls in, and they are not in my contact list and they are not an assigned caller in Ringo, should Ringo be playing the Default Ringtone, or should it be playing one of the Treo ringtones - assigned in the Sound & Alerts preferences?

    I had assumed that was the whole point of the Default Ringtone setting, but maybe I'm wrong? Right now, it's playing the assigned ringtone in my this a bug?
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    There is a Unknown Caller group in Ringo that you can assign a custom ringtone to, do you have a ringtone assigned to this group?

    Do you have a ringtone assigned in "Sounds" under Preferences for Unknown Callers.

    If you have a ringtone assigned in both places it is my experience that Ringo will prevail. But this behavior can change at times, but I need a little more info from you.

    Are you using the announce feature?
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    Yep, I do have Unknown Caller assigned, as well as a ringtone assigned in Sounds (although the ring is currently for known callers, for some reason).

    I am using the announce feature too, and this was happening before I started using it.

    Oh big deal. Thanks...just checking to see if it was just me!
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    Here is how it works:

    If you have a ringtone assigned for unknown callers in both ringo pro and preferences>sounds, plus you have a ringtone assigned as the "default ringtone" in ringo pro; when an unknown caller calls in the unknown caller ringtone for ringo pro will play whatevre it is assigned to play.

    The only time I have seen where this gets jumbled is when you are using the announe feature. Right now there is a bug with the announce feature, that after a soft reset the announce feature does not reintialize correctly, so it jacks up ringo. So whenver I have a soft reset, I got into Ringo Pro and disable then re-enable the announce feature and things work as they should. Electric Pocket is aware of this issue and they are working on it.

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