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    Can someone please describe/explain in detailed steps how to use my laptop & usb bluetooth with my treo 650 so I can dial in and go wireless with my laptop when I don't have access to a network? I tried finding it but got lost. Thank you.
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    I use a program called palmnet to do it. I works great.
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    I believe you mean pdanet, but a search on "pdanet" or "dun" (dial up networking) will answer your questions.
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    Try using Plug2Net . For more information visit

    Plug2Net provides fast Internet access to your Palm powered handheld device from any Windows/PC desktop*. This pass-through connection may be established via USB, Serial, Infrared and Bluetooth interface for an easy to use, robust and cost effective solution.

    For faster responce feel free to reach us online for a live chat support from 7.00 am EST onwards and our support engineers will be glad to help

    Customer Care
    Corsoft Corporation
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    He's not looking for internet access to his Treo, he should already have that. What he's wanting to do is surf the web on his laptop using the Treo (via bluetooth connection) to access the web.

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