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    I have search, if this was solve previously, please point the link, thx.

    My problem is I keep getting an "X" over the battery icon. I read in several places that only a battery disconnect reset (K + backspace simultaneously, then hit the reset hole) would fix the problem. I have been trying that all day and can't get it to work. I know I did once before (forgot why, but I did it). But now all I get is a white screen, followed by the orange alert led, then back to the palm screen. It never goes black like a battery disconnect reset is suppose to do. Any suggestions?
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    open the treo, disconnect the battery
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    If your Treo is still under warranty DON'T open the case as it will automatically void your warranty.
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    as long as you don't leave any obvious marks you'll be fine
    water created humans to carry it up hills

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