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    Anyone out there know what's up with the FIND feature on the 650? As someone who has six years worth of Palm OS-generated calendar entries in their Treo, i could always count on pressing the ol' trusty Option button, followed by the Shift / Find key to instantly tell me when, for instance - out of the dozens of times i've had lunch with Joe Smith over the years - i had lunch with him in the spring of 2002. Now, when i type in I do a search and type in Joe Smith, the Treo searches for his name and obediently retrieves all umpteen times he appears in my calendar. The only catch is - THERE ARE NO LONGER ANY DATES LISTED BESIDE EACH HIT. Therefore, i'm forced to manually wade thru all umpteen hits in order to see which one actually occurred in the spring of 2002. (If one doesn't work, now i'm forced to re-do the search and, by process of elimination, move on to the next hit.) Which takes forever. I called a PalmOne rep and, after checking to make sure what i said was true, he assured me he'd pass my observation on to somebody, somewhere. . . . So, does anyone know how to correct this (I'm sure it has something to do with the new Palm OS) and have the date appear whenever you do a search? Or is there some third party software out there that will perform more accurate searches, with the dates includes beside each hit? . . . thnx
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    you might want to ask this over in the 650 forum!
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