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Well, I really wanted this to work, but it has turned into a nightmare .... Somebody please help.
Doom, I don't know what you are doing but this is bizzare. I suspect it has nothing to do with the applications but is something to do with your conduits/Outlook/hotsync process. Here are some ideas:

  • Both DateBk5 and 2day are calendar/todo apps that don't access, display or allow you to edit contacts. I don't see how they can affect your contacts.
  • TAKEphONE is the only app discussed that manipulates contacts. It does allow you to edit and delete individual contacts once selected, but it would take an astronomic bug for it to delete them all. Plus you say you have deleted this now?
  • I assume you are using the Palm Contacts app to notice they have gone? Make sure you really are running this (no button issues) by using the Home button to get to your launcher (Palm launcher?) and then explicitly tapping and running the "Contacts" app.
  • Then make sure you have "All" categories displayed (top right) and have not ended up with some empty category set, and perhaps have "Remember last category" set in the Contact app preferences that is keeping it this way.
  • If still no contacts, next step is to download and install FileZ from Nosleep Software, which is free. Run this from your launcher, go to Internal, select "Rec count" by tapping and selecting on the little box above the list, and then look for the file/database ContactsDB-PAdd. How many records does this show? If it is 0 (or perhaps 1), then your contacts are not in there. If it is a larger number, then something is in there but you are not seeing them. If ContactsDB-PAdd cannot be found then you have a problem. You are likely to also see an AddressDB file, probably with the same number of records. That's fine (lots of discussion elsewhere on these strange "mirror" datebases). If that is the only one of the two files you see, that may be a problem.
  • If you have all your data still in Outlook, then try setting the Hotsync -> Custom... -> "Contacts" -> Change operation (on PC) to "Desktop overwrites handheld" to create a fresh database. If your Outlook is trashed, then you have a problem. I have in fact had this problem myself after some partially complete Hotsyncs, that failed somehow in the middle, where a follow-on hotsync then either duplicated or removed all my contacts. I now keep regular backups of my Outlook environment when messing with my Treo. I believe this is all bugs in the Palm conduits - and I have been thinking at looking at alternatives (like Chapura). As I said originally, I suspect it is Hotsync/conduit issues that are your problem, and that this whole issue has nothing to do with the apps here.
  • Which means you should seach other threads on TreoCentral on this issue, since I suspect it won't be solved here in this app thread.

Good luck!