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    Is there a way to play treo audio ouput through your car without a receiver.?

    like if wires are hanging from were your reciever was, is there some adapter?.. somebody, anybody help. just in case anyone was wondering I have a regular reciever to speaker setup in my car

    I was a recent victim of a stereo smash and grab and I am not eager to get another stereo in my ride. I have an old tape player, just did not want to put it in.

    Been riding to pocket tunes with the 650 speaker....not cool atleast the speaker part
    my treo has been amzing NO resets since the 1.08 update. that was three weeks ago.

    p.s. layoff the jersey/car theft thing, Im sensitive
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    Uhhhhh - no. The output of the 650 isn't great enough to drive external speakers. You could install and hide an amp somewhere though and take the headphone outputs directly to that....

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    An FM transmitter like the ones for the Ipod would probably work. Anyone tried that yet?
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    I have an FM transmitter (iRiver AFT-100) that I connect to my Kyocera 7135 audio output. It works great for both phone calls and playing MP3s. I presume it would work for the 650 also. (I'm browsing this forum because I'm thinking of moving up to the 650...)
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    Funny...i am in the exact situation right now. Car got stolen a few days ago and it was recovered with everything but the radio in it. I have been listening to "wind" all week long - good thing about that is no commercials. I tried the 650 speakers, but bewtween the heat in georgia and the wind when my windows are all rolled down, its not a real option. While i'd love the big gaping hole below my dashboard right now I really don't think the 650 can carry my speakers (they got the sub too!) by themselves.

    i'm really considering a palm controlled bluetooth audio jukebox
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    This is as good a time as any to pick up a stereo head unit with an "audio in" port, preferably on the front so that you can switch between gadgets. There are companies that make adapters for OEM stereos. I haven't tried one, it looks like Blitzsafe has the best assortment.
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    thank you guys for the replies....

    still listening from my treo, i can hear it clearly, as long as its in my shirt pocket.
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    I installed the BlitzSafe adapter in my 2000 Civic EX last Spring and it has been working great! Installation was easy, and it produces great sound! Much better than any FM transmitter gadget, which I tried first. But, that is to be expected, since this is a direct connection instead of a transmitted connection. Here is the link: I actually bought mine from for about $60.00.
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