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    I cannot seem to receive the "M" part of MMS's. I get the accompanying text but no sound or pics. I do get a message stating that the message has been changed by MMS Adaptation that either the message was too large or is not supported by my terminal. I have an unlocked Cingular 600 on Cingulars network.
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    Do people not use MMS or has no one else seen this?
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    MMS works differently for Telia subscribers. When someone send me a MMS, I get a SMS telling me how to log on to the Telia website (with a standard browser) to view the message.
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    I have the exact same problem with my treo650 and cingular. My brother also. I also cannot receive MMS from american idol.. :-(
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    LOL! That is what I am wanting to do as well. I guess I am going to have to call Cingular about it because I cannot seem to find an answer.
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    I have searched both Cingular & Palmone's website for an answer without luck. I also called Cingular without results. I guess I am just outta luck. "NO MMS FOR YOU!" says the MMS Nazi, cousin to Seinfeld's soup Nazi.
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    Telia (sweden) has released a .prc-file for MMS, called Telia Proxy. Its a run-once program and after that you can send/recieve MMS. You can find it at their website under Privat/kundtjänst/inställningar/MMS

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