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    I finally figured out how to transfer music to my Treo 650...very cool.

    I'm wondering what is the ideal quality and setting for transferring music files.

    My RealPlayer on the PC desktop has various choices. Currently, I'm using MP3 fomat at 128 Kbps (spelling?). Is this an ideal setting? This setting produces a file ranging between 3.5MB to 3.9MB for each song.

    I also noticed choices for .wav and RealPlayer (sp?) and others. What do others use for their settings?

    Thanks, Casey.
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    Stick with your 128 kbps for your MP3 setting. You get near CD-quality sounds without the files getting too large. If you encoded at a higher bitrate for MP3 you would be able to tell the difference on a quality home stereo, studio monitors, or high quality headphones, but on a portable device with average headphones you won't be able to tell the difference.

    I think you'll be just fine as-is if MP3 is your preferred format.

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