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    I need an install CD for my Sprint Treo 650. Where can I get one?
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    If you've lost it, not much help for you. Can't be downloaded. I've heard it is available through the PalmOne developers site, but I haven't seen it there.

    From P1

    Tungsten T5, Tungsten E2 and Treo 650 Users:

    Please use the CD version of Palm Desktop which came with your device. Do not install other versions of Palm Desktop, as they do not include the components for synchronizing the unique features of your handheld or smartphone.
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    i am looking for one as well, and the closest I have come so far is an eBay auction. I havent tried going to a Sprint PCS store, but I would doubt that they could just rip open a box and give us one. No one can upload that for us?
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    I will tomorrow, just the desktop app no 3rd party apps. I will provide the link tomorrow.
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    Here's the link to the palm desktop software:
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    I went to my sprint store and they gave me another one.
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    Do you think the sprint store will also give me a manual?
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    Ok i have the palmdesktop files zipped and ready, PM me if you still need it. Remember just the palmdesktop i removed docs to go and ALL other apps that came with the CD.
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