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    I've hotsynched other things but can't find out how to hot synch dates that i have typed in desktop manager to my 600. I THOUGHT all i would have to do was type them in then hotsynch to get them on my calendar in the phone. I've read all through the help topics in desktop manager. thanks

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    You have hotsynced "other things"? like? and it sounds like your datebook entries did not sync to your 600?
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    Try going into palm desktop, hotsync, custom, then scroll down to backup where you will see handheld overrights desktop. Then reverse the setting to desktop overwrights handheld. It might work.
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    i did the "overwrite to handheld" thing and it didn't work. it told me to reset the handheld but the info is still not in there.
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    Make sure you have the right conduit set up. During setup you are asked if you want to hotsync to palm desktop or outlook. It may have defaulted to outlook and you won't get any contacts or calendar entries done on your computer in palm desktop to sync then. Not sure how to change this if that's what happened, but someone ought to be able to help!

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