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    I need to make a lot of changes to data in HourzPro and need a program to do search and replaces. I've looked at the descriptions of hundreds of utilities at PalmGear but have only found programs like the built-in Find application. Is there a program available that not only searches but also replaces?
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    SmartDoc does search and replace, but thats only in doc files. Im not sure if that would help at all of HourzPro
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    Well I think I've got a very good (probably the best) solution. It's a hack for HackMaster and it's called EVEdit. The aim of this $16 shareware is to provide you with extended text processing capabilities while inside any other program related with entering texts (of course, including Find and Replace, and multi-clipboard, too!). And those guys have done their work the best. Just to give you a clue, that Replace dialog has got a history list for both Old and New fields! And it's got a whole lot more amazing features.

    On my Visor, EVEdit (and particularly Replace) works perfect in MemoPad, JFile4, SmartDoc, so I think it's got a great chance to work in your program.
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    This is a good Hack that does the job of several others, including Graffiti Echo (TealEcho etc).

    It does Search & Replace in a single memo, but not across the whole Visor, which may be what you want, like me.

    If you do find a global Search & Replace, I would be very grateful if you would email me at (Delete the x when sending).

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    Thanks for your replies. Unfortunately none of the suggestions really were of any help in HourzPro. The problem is that the "Done" button needs to be tapped after making any changes so it is probably unlikely that any program would be able to do a search and replace and then save the updated record. Or is there a macro program available for Palms?
    I ended up using IntelligentFind. It is good in that one doesn't need to search through all the records after each change has been made. It also puts "??" in front of the changed records in its list so that one can easily see which records have been changed so far.

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