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    Found on posted by Andrew

    Did you know that we have nine advanced calculators, including four conversion calculators - built-in as standard?

    Simply going to Applications and pressing Calc should bring up what I now learned is just a 'basic' calculator. However, if you press your 5Way Right you'll suddently see this change to an 'advanced' calculator (see below) and subsequent right presses will navigate through all nine advanced options. Pressing your 5Way to the left will take you back to the 'basic' calculator at any time.
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    great tip thanks
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    Hmm nice tip, thanks. Since I am very dependent on expression-based calculations, I exclusively use PawCalc and never even bothered looking at this, but I'm sure this will come in handy for simpler operations.
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    Didn't realize you could switch between modes with the 5-way - that's a useful shortcut. You can also switch between modes, and between deg/rad/grad, etc, by using the menus.

    In fact, it's worthwhile hitting Menu at least once in every application to see what available options you might be missing.
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    This thing has a calculator? Sweet!
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    My excuse is my reliance on PawCalc :P
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    I was going to take my calc outta rom that's about how much I use it but thanks
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    I thought this was common knowledge. Did you know it had a web browser
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    ^really?...oh hey this is gonna knock your socks off, but did you know this thing runs a i didnt notice
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    And you can make telephone calls on it too!
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