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    Just wondering if having bluetooth enabled all the time is a battery drain or if thats included in the standby time of the battery life they quote
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    yes, BT does use up juice, so turning BT off does make your battery last longer between charges

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    I leave mine on 24/7 and barely notice a difference...
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    I can't say that I have noticed a difference. I'm sure there is, but it can't be too much.
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    From my understanding, it will drain the battery significantly if you have it in "allow wakeup" mode (in options when you're in the bluetooth app). Other than that, it should turn off when the phone turns off.
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    Now if the allow wake is not active. Taping the talk button on the headset should not active the Treo correct? or is there another setting that should be disabled as well
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    ok I just did a full reset and this is still happening allow wake up is off and the treo is not set for discoverable.
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    So its seems that the BT radio is still active even when the phone is off.

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