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    Just called to get mine done he said probably by end of the day. Sounded really nice said he was getting a lot of calls.

    04/11/05 | Remote unlocking for the Treo 650 and Siemens SX66
    We are pleased to announce remote unlocking for the popular PDA phones offered from Cingular Wireless, the Siemens SX66 and the Treo 650. Price is $60.00CAD and after payment is made you will email or call us with your IMEI in which we will provide you within 24-48 hours your permanant unlock code. Please note that this transaction cannot be reversed, once payment has been made there will be no refunds UNLESS we cannot provide you the code for any reason. If your code cannot be generated then you will receive 100% refund. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY THE TREO 650 AND SIEMENS SX66 SOLD FROM THE CINGULAR NETWORK CAN ONLY BE UNLOCKED AT THIS TIME.

    -- Kevin Haffenden
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    Cool.. Let us know if it works!
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    if u are willing to pay for unlocking there is one that has been available for over 3 weeks now gsmphonesource they are setup on ebay also for $45.....
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    So did it work? Beat dealing with Cingular on the phone for 3 hours.
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    the prices on ebay have fallen from 45 last week to 39 today 2 new players in the game... i guess it will fall more in a few more days... before it becomes free....

    BTW i got my 650 (cingular) today debating which route to go cingular or ebay
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    stuck a cingular card from a friend in there , called up cingular, said i was 1+ yr old customer travelling abroad monday. got the unlock code in 2 mins... and am all set

    follow the trhead on shadomites site has details of different numbers to call as opposed to 611
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    I just got the code works great. I had to call after 48 hours cause i didnt hear from him but he got on the phone right away and gave it to me.

    I went with bongo cause I read other positive post of them unlocking other phones. I bought my cingular phone for 500 with a prepaid sim. I never put any minuets on it. Ive just been using it as a PDA with my old treo 270. Im using it on tmobile now. Connects a lot faster to the internet then the 270 did.
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