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    Any have any good idea?

    I HotSync'd my Treo last night without difficulty. I then was going to load the new version of Chatter and all of a sudden my computer is no longer recognizing my Treo . I shut-down HotSync manager and restarted it, disconnected the Treo and reconnected it, soft reset my Treo, restarted the computer - all of these failed to work - HotSync starts on my Treo but fails to make a connection with my computer.

    Your thoughts/suggestions would be most appreciated
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    If you have a virus protection software, disable and try again.
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    Yea, disable any virus/firewall for the moment, and try booting the puter without the usb plugged in and try a different usb port. Also, test your usb port(s) with something else to eliminate the treo cable as an issue.

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