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    I have had my 600 for well over a year now and use it mostly as a PDA/Phone and don't use web stuff since Tzones was cut off...

    I want to listen to music now but don't have any idea what size card to buy. Any rules of thumb as to how much music 1 mb actually is. How much space a single CD would take up etc. Yea...I know bigger is almost always better...but since this is likely to be an experiment for me. Any suggestions?

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    Get the biggest one you can afford. Easy. You can always leave empty space, but you will have to get another card if you run out.

    Depending on compression and format (and length of the song, of course), each song will take about 4MB. This is just an estimate you can use. My songs vary between 3-5MB using MP3 160kps encoding with iTunes.

    For listenting to music you dont really NEED a high speed card, but it will be painful to transfer songs on a slower card.
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    If you can amd want to, convert your mp3s to .ogg format and save about 50% of your card space. Requires a music player like Ptunes that supports ogg though. A few different free tools out there to convert mp3 to ogg like dbPowerAmp
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    The 2GB SD cards are just coming out, so depending on how cost-sensitive you are, you might want to get the 1GB now (about $75, give or take), and wait it out until the 2GB cards drop as they inevitably will.

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