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    Can anyone comment on how Xiino compares to WebViewer on the Treo 650 in terms of:
    [1] Speed in rendering web pages, and
    [2] Readability of the web pages (in terms of formatting and resolution)

    I purchased WebViewer and love its speed and the way it compresses web pages. However, I dont like the fact that you cant use it to download files and that URLs in other apps can't link to it.

    I tried Xiino many months ago and recall not liking the way it rendered web pages -- seemed like it screwed up collumns and looked rather "blocky", not taking advantage of the T650's high-resolution screen.

    [I tried re-evaluating Xiino, but alas, it says I have used up my 30-trial period and I can't use it until I register]
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    I have the same problem, I was waiting for a version that could save files to the SD card - which I think the latest version does. But I can't test it out for the same reason.
    Pre 3 on T-Mobile, 32gb Touchpad
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    In my unscientific tests, WebViewer is faster than Xiino but takes up more space due to JAVA. Xiino has pretty basic display, similar to WV. The default browser is slowest but has the best display of web pages.

    (I am using a VZW 600 BTW)
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    Those are exactly my observations...
    If they'd speed up Blazer, it'd be perfect!
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    I'm not sure why my results differ (unscientific), but I've found Xiino a bit faster than Webviewer. I actually liked webviewer at first (before trying out xiino) and its a decent browser (and resolution seemed a bit better than with xiino). However, I just found that xiino was faster and a bit more stable.

    One point of agreement though, out of all the browsers I've tried, Blazer is the one I enjoyed using the most (better usability and it made better use of the keyboard). If there was just someway to speed up blazer...
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    It looks like Xiino pipes all images and non-HTTP (like HTTPS) traffic through it's "Dataserver" which is

    Maybe it's just me, but I don't like piping my images/traffic through an intermediary proxy server. Reminds me of spyware. Who knows what they do with the connection logs.
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    WebViewer also uses a proxy.
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    I'm using zLuancher to put Xiino my memory card. But once I move it to the card, I can't get it to launch from the card. Is anyone else having this issue?

    If I could resolve it, I'd purchase Xiino. It's definitely faster than Blazer.

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    Most of the speed gains of both Webviewer and Xiino is due to the proxy.

    I tried both a while back (december). Ended up using Webviewer because it had better integration of the 5 way pad and had better rendition of pages than Xiino. I was particularly impressed with how well it handled HIGH graphic pages. I'm sure a lot has changed since then.

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