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    I was hoping someone might be able to offer me some help. For some odd reason, occasionally when my Sprint Treo 650 resets itself for whatever reasons (i.e. crash, manual reset, purposefully removing battery to check serial #, etc.) and then comes back on, it will have lost the registration information for many of the applications I've installed on it. By this, I mean that applications that I've installed and registered on it so that they are no longer trial versions but rather full versions revert back to being trial versions with limited functionality or a limited amount of launches. I'm assuming that there is some sort of system file that handles registration of applications that is somehow getting corrupted occasionally and then replaced by an original one (perhaps residing on the ROM) and this is the cause of the applications no longer realizing that they are registered and should function in non-limited modes. I keep pretty regular backups and when this happens, I just do a hard reset of the device and re-install from the backup, but in addition to this being incredibly inconvenient and leading to potential loss of data since the last backup, it also screws up synchronization of the PIM applications (I don't use the built-in databases, but rather third-party programs for PIM). Has anyone else encountered a similar problem or have any recommendations or possible solutions for this problem?

    I'm thinking that perhaps if its just that one system file (if there is just one system file that handles application registration and such) thats getting corrupted, perhaps I could simply replace it with my backed up one of that file whenever this happens, rather than having to go through all the steps I mentioned above.

    Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

    - marc
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    Sounds like you're losing the Saved Preferences.pdb file which is apparently a common thing on crashes, but I hadn't heard of it happening on just any soft reset.

    Do a search on "Saved preferences", but the summary is this: If you have an SD card, copy that from your computer to the SD card, then copy it into the Palm ram, and everything should be back to normal. I tend to copy this file to my SD card every few days since it seems to be a problem, although I've only lost it twice.

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