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    Does anyone notice bad sound quality when talking on the Treo 650? It is noticeably worse than any other phone I've ever owned. I've used Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, etc. and all of them sound much better. A friend of mine also has a Treo 650 and many times we have to ask each other to repeat what we said because the sound is muffled. Is this a known issue or just an isolated case?
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    I'm the friend and I agree. Its on the headset and the phone itsself... is the voice quality alot better with a bluetooth headset? Has anyone else noticed the bad voice quality?
    thanks for any info

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    I would have done a search of the forum using words like "sound", "quality", "echo", "speaker phone".....

    This should bring up more than 50 treads regarding this problem. The expected patch would probably fix this problem - along with the NVFS/ memory problem....
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    I did some searches and read that there seems to be some drastic improvements with the 1.08 patch. However, I have a Cingular Treo 650, so it is my understanding that there is not a patch available yet. Is that true? If so, is there anything else I can do in the meantime to improve the sound quality or do I just have to wait?
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    Do you have a case on your Treo? I have a Cingular locked 650 and I had an aftermarket case on mine and it caused an echo for the person I was talking to. I didn't hear an echo on my end but the other party would hear an echo of their voice. I took the case off, did a soft reset and no problems since and that was about 4 days ago.
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    I have a Sprint Treo 650. I upgraded to the 1.08 patch. The only issue I really have is the LOW volume from the earpiece, even at maximum volume setting. What's strange is that the speakerphone is actually quite loud, and works well. I simply want the earpiece volume to be at least 25% louder so I can better hear what people are saying to me.

    As for the quality of sound, this was never a problem for me. I don't get any choppiness or dropped calls as I've read from others. I simply have a low volume from earpiece problem.

    The 1.08 update had absolutely no effect on improving my earpiece volume.

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    My earpiece volume sucks plain and simple....hard to hear people in my car while driving......really ridiculous
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    just the voice quality in general sucks IMO, I hope they upgrade it in the patch? would I get better quality with a BT headset?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fkjr2
    My earpiece volume sucks plain and simple....hard to hear people in my car while driving......really ridiculous
    Is there no fix for this?

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