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    I tried Butler trial, and the jog button control is worth purchasing the app, but it only goes up/down. I can't move to apps in the center or right columns. Is this a common problem, or am I ?

    Also, is there any other app that can control the jog bar?

    thanks, and I'm sure these quesitons were already answered somewhere on this board, but i can't find the thread.
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    Butler lets you change the vol keys to "up/down" scroll keys, same as the up and down on the 5-way. to go side to side you still need to use the 5-way. As noted in the info with Butler, this is just more comfortable to use the vol keys for up/down for some people when reading e-books or the like. Never had much use for this function myself since I like the 5-way.

    Now using the vol keys to switch forward/backward between apps you have been using can be very useful at times, but I sometimes forget I have it turned on and accidently exit out of a program unintentionally.

    The Best Bulter feature, IMO, is the "K-Launch" which lets you do the shortcuts from anywhere. THAT is why I bought the program and makes Bulter well worth the $

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