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    I've spent hours reading here but still can't find a straight answer. All I want to do is watch common short videos (usually .wmv) that people send me via email on my Treo 650 (Sprint). How can I do that? What's the easiest, most cost-effective way?

    I use Snapper. I'd like to just beam the file to the viewer (kind of like Documents to Go), and have it work. I don't want to convert, rip, shred, pray to Microsoft or have to be some kind of video programmer.

    Is this possible?
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    I just tried to view a .wmv file using the video player that came with the T-650 and was not able to. However, I can view .mpg by saving them on my card under the DCIM directory.
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    right now, as far I know (and I looked), there are no native palm players that will show you wmv files.

    you will need to convert it on your desktop first.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't .wmv files a constant stream? I beleive they don't actually get saved to your drive when viewed, but flow continulusly form the source. If that is the case, that is why you can't view them on the Treo.
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    wmv files CAN stream, but they don't have to. You can download them just fine, just have to find a player.
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    MMPlayer Pro v1.0 supports wmv files as I understand it. It's in release candidate mode at the moment
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