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    I'm a tmobile user and I'd like my friend to activate and unlock a treo 650 for me, (which he can buy wit my money in store or online)

    now , would he be bound to keep 2 year "data" agreement? (he does not mind 2 year vaice plan agreement)
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    your friend probably cannot get a subsidized Treo without a 2 year agreement, and it will not be unlocked. You can get an unlocked Treo, unsubsidized on ebay for about $590.
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    is your friend already a cingular customer?
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    I bought a 650 from the Boston Logan Airport PalmOne store. It was Cingular branded, but no contract required at all. (I'm on T-Mo myself, and trust me getting it unlocked was a pain), but I got it for $495 I believe. They wanted to sell it to me with a BT headset for 595 but I asked how much without the headset, he said 550, and I talked him down 10% to 495. They seemed to have about 10% haggle room on most items, apparently. YMMV though.

    So, if you are passing through Boston, try the airport.

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