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    Is it standard the even after purchasing softwares, one software is assigned / registered) to only one Hotsync ID ?

    Me and my wife both have Treo 650 each and we bought few softwares like Uninstall Manager, Zlauncher, Treo Alert, Teal Backup, Takephone, Snapper mail, Agendus, Ringo, Busker etc etc .

    Only Treo alert allowed me the same registration number on both Treo 650. This looks like ridiculous to pay 2 times for the same software in the family .

    I wanted you guys' opinion before pursuing anything on this regard.
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    I actually was going to post this same question, so I'm curious as to the answer as well. I'm planning on getting a Treo 650 for my gf for her bday in a few months and she would use a lot of the software I have already.
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    You would not want this answer.

    As with any licensed software, you pay for a license for each user not because you have the same type of device or you are a member of the same family. Remember, you are paying to use the software not really for the physical software itself.

    One question to you all, if you had more than one PC or Mac at home, do you buy one software and install for both machines?

    Your answer would probably be yes for the most part. If you please read the software license carefully as it may specifically grant one license for one machine.

    To prevent multi use of the same software, some vendors (specifically PC based software) has started to key their licenses based on the machine unique internal ID and automatically send the registration to the host site hence preventing the transfer of software from one machine to the next.
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    Yep and being a multiple Treo household, I have three licenses for Bob's Alarm and multiple licenses for a couple of others. I have zero objections to doing this, it's the cost of having fun. Ben
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    While it may not have been the answer we were hoping for, it is the right one. So thanks.
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    Perhaps palm developers should come up with something similar to site licenses. A larger fee for the software that will allow multiple (say 2 or 3) registrations, but not for the price of having to purchase the software 2 or 3 times separately.
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