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    I'm trying to send an email to a group of 20 different addresses. They are entered into the to: box in the form:;; (no semicolon at the last one...)

    and so on. When I try to send, I get an error message of: "501.5.5.4 No command argument found." But I can individually send a successful mail to each address, so I know that each address is good.

    Is there some limit to a list like this?

    (btw, fwiw, I get the list into the to: box by having a memo with all the addresses in it, and then just copying the text and pasting it into the to: box)

    Thanks for any help
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    I got this error message too. I was trying to email two photos to a friend and another email address of mine. I was able to email only to my friend and then go to "sent" messages and forward the message to the same address I used for myself. I was able to send a simple message to both addresses too!

    Does anyone know what this nastygram means?
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    If you have the text in a memo file, you probably put newline characters between them for separation. Remove those and try again. The VM UI isn't very good at removing or even limiting characters the protocol can't handle.....

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