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    I have NOT upgraded to 1.08 yet & would like to know if the following error (see text below) is still present?

    If the faulty proceedure for the "Find" function is used for other features, there is the possibility of it causing memory corruption & crashes.

    To see this screen writing bug/error, do a "Find" for the 2nd word in a contact/address with multiple word entries. Examples:

    Find "Innis" w/ entry Mac Innis
    Find "338" w/# 800-338-1234
    Find "Paint" w/company "Faux Painters"

    Some combinations can be funny. Simple Bugs like this show a lack of product testing & can be the cause of more serious problems.

    This item was posted in fixes for T650 , months ago.

    Look forward to getting some feedback.
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    Can't say I know this was an issue prior to 1.08, but I have 1.08 and had no problem doing the type of "Find" you mentioned.
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    WHere do I get 1.08?
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    ^ if you have a Sprint Treo 650

    If not an update for your device will show up there when it is ready.

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