I'm a savvy Mac OS X Panther user and a Palm user. I cannot get my MPEG4 movies to play on Kinoma Player 3 EX v3.1.1 without it stuttering and moving painfully in slow motion in my Treo 600. I did not use/purchase Kinoma Producer since I already had Discreet Cleaner 6.02. The sound is excellent!

I want to encode a 3m58 sec music video from a local unknown artist with Cleaner. I want to utilize the MPEG4 play feature of K 3 EX.
I turned it into an '.mp4' from his DVD-R using Handbrake. That file with it's settings gives and 'unsupported' error message in K3EX.

I took that file and 'tried ' to conform it to the constraints of the Treo 600.
I am aware of the slower processor speed + the lower screen resolution compared to the 650

Here are the settings I used to 'conform': Feel free to jump in and point out where my encoding settings are excessive or lacking.

Output: QuickTime Export MPEG4 (.mp4)
Image: Manual Crop, Image Size 160 X 120, Deinterlace (auto), Sharpen, Noise reduce
Adjust: Gamma 15, Brightness -5, Contrast 5
Encode: 15fps, ketframe every 25, 153.6 kbits/s video
Audio: Stereo, 16 bits, dynamic range, noise gate

It took 1h23m to encode this file into an 8.2MB .mp4 file on a 17" 1.67Ghz Powerbook with 1.5MHz RAM. Plays well in Quicktime Player 6.5.

Since it is a music video; I do not want to compromise on the audio. Friends have zeroed in on the fps and the video streaming rate as the culprit for the slow-mo on my Treo 600.

Any takers?

Note: I would have posted this in 'Multimedia'; but I'm looking for some Mac OS X answers for Cleaner settings.