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    Okay, i've tried to get all the answers i can through trail and error, searching, etc., and am still left a little disappointed.

    I decided it was time to try using Chattermail and see if i liked the way i pushed emails off of an IMAP server. Here is the breakdown of my corporate system:
    - Using a laptop means no Biz Connect or other redirectir
    - IT has told me they won't change policy, and currently only support BB
    - Activesync has been disabled at the server level
    - I've been using outlook redirect to send to my own ISP, but it's POP3 only, so no push
    - I really like the functionality of Chatter, but..... being that my corp server is behind a firewall, i can only connect through VPN
    - Tried using Mergic VPN, and although it works in limited fashion, i lose most of my ability to use the Treo as a phone, as the VPN connection along with Chatter, is almost always on.

    So the question, is there a reasonable way of making this work that i'm just overlooking. We have OWA (web access) available through use of SSL certificates, which means i can get to email through an computer on the internet. I would assume then, that i could find a way of using that same information to get Chatter to connect to my IMAP server. Do you guys have any ideas or advice, or am i SOL for now.

    Thanks - Oh, and no, my company will not consider Goodlink or any other server based solution....i am in the major minority when it comes to using a Treo over a BB.
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    If they don't have the ports opened for IMAP or if they have IMAP complety turned off then there is nothing you can do. Its possible that IMAP is not even enabled at the server level. There really is no need for it to be started as most places don't use it, and in fact Exchange 2003 is installed with that service disabled.

    So I think if your IT is not willing to work with you, your out of luck. Thats kind of the hole reason of a firewall. )
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    Well, i know IMAP is enabled, because we have OWA access available, and if i use Mergic VPN to tunnel through, i can connect using the IMAP server. They're willing to work with me to a point, but not willing to change their structure or policies. So i'm trying to figure out if the firewall just mean i'm out of luck without using Mergic. And if so...maybe i need to petition Mark at Chatter to see if they can build in some VPN support.

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