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    I bought my VZ 600 back in July. I now have a yellow sort of lightning-bolt spot internally on the screen (top portion) that grows by the day (like a cracked car windshield). Probably from all the pounding I give it w/my fingers.

    Anyway, VZ sends me a new one and the screen is MUCH darker, bluer/greener than the original. I send it back and another one they send me -same thing.

    Go to VZ store near me and the Tech person says to me "Hey, this is the brightest screen I've seen on a Treo yet" she says "Maybe they use different manufacturers now that have toned down the brightness due to battery drain complaints". She shows me a couple of new ones out of the box and they're all the same w/the bluish/greenish darker tint to the screen as compared with mine.

    Anybody have insight into this or did I just luck out and get a really nice bright screen back when VZ first put them out and they're all pretty much this darker bluer/greener screens now?

    (BTW, I compared all with the screen setting on full bright.)

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    Same here...I can co-sign that Ken. I've had three Sprint 600s. Two brand new from a retailer, both brighter than the replacement refurb Sprint gave me.

    Perhaps it's something in the refurb process...?
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    I checked Brand New 600's direct from the the retail store, and they also were MUCH darker than my original.

    Not sure you understood my post - every single Treo I compared my original to has that darker bluer tint to the screen, CognizanT. Including NEW! and refurbed ones..
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    Think this is/was pretty common. My original Handspring 600 (GSM) was brighter than the two Palmone branded replacements I had prior to upgrading to the 650.
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    Scottymomo - How's the brightness on the 650 screen compared to your original Handspring 600?
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    I think PalmOne changed screen suppliers when they bought Handspring...

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