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    I keep a seperate category in Tasks for phone calls I need to make throughout the day. Does anyone have any suggestions on an application that would allow me to dial number right off my list in Tasks?
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    Well, Agendus will do that. When you schedule a "call" in Agendus, it is treated as a task and placed on your task list in the category "calls." The category of "calls" is assigned automatically. I'm not sure you can change it if that doesn't work for you. Once a call is on your task list, you can tap the phone #, Agendus will ask if you wish to dial it, then you confirm to initiate the call.

    I recommend you give the demo a try. Agendus has a lot of features and can sometimes seem overwhelming, but I just use it for what I need it for and ignore all the other stuff. Scheduling calls is one of my favorite and most-often used features in Agendus.
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    It seems like the standard Task application should handle it. In other applications like mail, it seems to automatically recognize phone numbers and make them clickable to dial them (although those seem to be rich text fields versus notes and task which seem to be just plain text). You can always cut and paste into the phone, but that's not nearly as convient.
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    Get 2Day! from . It is designed to do this. Works perfectly and does othe rthings equally well.
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    FieldPlus will allow this, you can find it at:

    And the best part is it's free!

    Once installed, in order to configure, you'll find it in the main Preferences screen (botton of the page).
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    Echoing Experiment626's suggestions about ShSh applications, you can also try his "TAKEphONE" extension hack. Not sure if you need TAKEphONE to use this though. The explanation on his website suggests this is exactly what you're looking for:

    <<"TAKEphONE OS-5 extension: This file enables you to dial contacts from 3rd party applications by selecting a number and pressing the “Address” (aka “Phone”) button (for OS-5 devices), and from 3rd party applications like the built-in address-book, Agendus Pro (ver. 8), etc. that support the “dial helper” interface (Palm OS-4.1 and above).">> Visit his download page at
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    You do need TAKEphONE in order for this to work... But I STRONGLY suggest you try TP anyway... ;-)
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    How can I dial using FieldPlus? Copy & Paste?
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    When selecting a word, press center, then from the drop down list pick use selection, the a dialog box will come up and one of the options is dial.

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