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    I was wondering if this may be the end of the Palm OS. Since Cobalt has been available for more than a year and there still has been no smartphones or palm pilots released with this OS, I am beggining to think it will never arrive. I think Palmone has dropped Palmsource and Cobalt and will now only release WIndows based smartphones. In 5 years the palm OS may be just a memory. What do other people think?
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    I SO hope you are wrong, but all the things you mention do sort of point that way, don't they?
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    Windows mobile system may not be able to work well like PalmOS do on such a treo-like device. It is Treo, so it is palm powered.
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    I like the Palm OS platform better myself, but I am not sure if we will ever see a Treo with Cobalt. I think Palmone is leaning the other way.

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