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    This may be a "newbie" question but with the limited amount of space available on the Treo 650 I bought a 1GB SD Card. What criteria should I use when determining what applications to load onto and run off the SD Card? Most of the Palm OS applications say nothing about running off the SD Card in their instructions. Also, will the applications run slower, different, etc. off the SD card rather than off the Treo directly? Thanks!
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    The first source of information should be the vendors documentation or website. If they dont say one way or another, you can search these forums on the application name to see if there have been issues. Applications that explicitly have that function are obvious candidate, and those who specifically state they cant run on the card, well, cant run on the card. DocsToGo has a utility to move its app to the card in such a manner that it will work, and it frees up 5MB. The utility in on their support website.

    If you get a fast card (fast read/write speeds) you should notice little if any difference in performance. Some applications run with reduced functionality, but again, this should be spelled out in their documentation.
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