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    I've got a GMail account setup for my Treo and I have the default/included Mail program with the Treo 600 (PalmOne Mail v1.02a) setup to receive and send email. I can receive email from the account just fine. However, when I try to send mail, I get an error saying to check my server settings within the program.

    According to Google's GMail settings, I need to have the following settings:

    SMTP Server:
    Password: <password>
    Use SSL
    Use Port 587

    I have the program set to "SSL required for SMTP", and have my username/password setup for the outgoing mail server. For outgoing mail server, I have I cannot find a place to specify a specific port for this (I have tried -- but this doesn't work). In my connection log, I get the following error for it:

    Status: Unable to authenticate with smtp user - 5.7.0 Authentication Required

    Has anyone gotten the included Mail cllient on the Treo 600 working with GMail? I know I can buy another mail client for the Treo, but I'm finding the "Now that you've bought the Treo, you need to spend another $100-$200 on software to get it usable" cycle a bit . . . disappointing.

    Thanks in advance for any help,
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    Try 995 for Pop3, 465 for SMTP always secure (wrapped port)

    Oops sorry Snappermail.

    PalmMail v1.02a won't work with GMail Beta...
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    I had the same problem. In the "Mail" menu, go to the 'server' tab and put this in the outgoing (SMTP) server spot:

    Then, on 'advanced' tab, go ahead and UNcheck the 'SSL required for SMTP' box, and leave the username/password space here empty. Solved all my issues! Hope it helps...
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    Are there any fees or annual subsciptions for using the palmOne mail?

    I pay an annual fee for InBox to Go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TurboTiger
    Are there any fees or annual subsciptions for using the palmOne mail?

    I pay an annual fee for InBox to Go.

    Are you sure? I think the fees are for data usage or ISP fees, I don't think any of the programs have annual fees. The included P1 program definitely doesn't, I used it until I decided I liked IMAP better and the included program didn't have it, so I switched to Chatter (which has a purchase fee, no annual fees). I tried Inbox to Go (it was included in Doc's to Go when I bought the latest version) but I didn't like it and deleted it, but I didn't see anything about annual fees (I'm sure I would have deleted it MUCH sooner if I noticed such a thing).
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    The annual fee for Inbox to Go is $49.99.

    Having said that, it is very reliable and I have seldom had any problems and works flawlessly w/Docs & Sheet to Go, you would expect.

    Is there any annual fee for Snapper?
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