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    I have downloaded the trial version of chatter, and before I buy it I want to see how attachments work on it. I am under the impression that when I hit the "load attachment" button the attachment should load automatically with the "Documents" App from Dataviz that comes already installed on the treo.

    However when I do all this I can't find where the attachment is or how to open it.

    When I look at "attachment status" it says my attachment is "queued"

    Does anyone know how to open these attachments in this fashion?
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    kapper2 - Are you using Chatter "online" or "offline". If "offline", you'll have to do a "QuickSync" to connect and load the attachment.

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    Marc, I am online with chatter
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    Hey marc, it managed to work this time but when I click ope and it gives me a choice, I select "documents" to open with, then I am asked to agree on the terms. I click agree and my treo shutsdown and reboots..... any ideas
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    First, DTG has to be in RAM. Then, I suspect the "free" version doesn't work properly with attachments. Sorry; I know full DTG works.

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    Actually, the free version on the Treo 600 does work w/Chatter, I use it a bit and have not had a problem. I assume that kapper2 has a Treo 600? The included version on the 600 only lets you look at email attachments (you cannot open a word or excel file stored on the Treo or the card). It after the "agree" to the terms (only happns once), the next step is for D2G to convert the doc, then open it. Try sending a different document to yourself and see if it opens, if it does, the original one may be corrupted. If the same thing happens, I'd try whacking and re-installing D2G.

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