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    Tekkeon ezTalker Mini Review

    First off I would like to give kudos to where I ordered this device from. I ordered on Thursday afternoon and received the headset on Saturday, shipping was free too. I paid $57.99.

    So, after a failed relationship with two Cardo Scala 500s I decided to purchase the Tekkeon ezTalker Mini. I purchased it based on reviews at I have read both consumer based and so called professional reviewers. Here are my initial results after three days of testing.

    Physical Characteristics
    Very light and very compact form factor. Smaller than the Scala 500. Tekkeon states that you can were the Mini without the ear loop by placing it firmly in your ear. The ear loop snaps on if needed and is actually very comfortable and adds to the stability of the unit. It has a multi-function button and a volume +/-/mute button on the top. The multi-function button controls the accept/initiate/reject/transfer calls features. It also has an LED on the side to give you the status of the headset. It includes rubberized ear gels (for a lack of better terms) in two sizes to fit in your ear.

    In the Box
    Headset, ear-lop, power supply, ear gels/buds and directions.

    Funny, they tell you to charge it for 2 hours the first time however; mine was done charging in less than 1 hours. The one thing I did not like was the charge socket has a rubber cover on it. I had some trouble opening it at first but I guess it provides protection.

    The Mini paired immediately with my Sprint Treo 650, however, it just shows up as BTHS and not Tekkeon or Mini, etc. I would have to say it took less than 5 minutes. I did have some problems initially where the device would connect but I would not get any sound. After freaking out first, I then deleted and re-paired the device and all was fine. I have shut off both the headset and Treo multiple times and have never had to repair.

    I like the fit of this headset better than the Scala 500. It fits in your ear similar to an earbud. Although Tekkeon claims you can wear it without the ear-loop, the ear-loop adds much stability to the unit. (I plan on purchasing some Jabra Eargels to see if I can indeed go without the ear-loop. The ear-loop rotates on its axis making it very easy to put on and take off and is very comfortable.

    My first test was just a quick call to the Treo from my home phone to make sure it paired correctly. Everything worked flawlessly. The volume was noticeably much louder than my previous Scala 500.

    Road Test
    So I hop in my 2003 Explorer for a short road trip. I get on the highway, set the cruise control at 75 mph and make my first official call with the Tekkeon. After dialing right from my address book the Tekkeon connected immediately. Volume was fine and I was able to hear the other party with no problems. They were also able to hear me fine. A simple tap of the multi-function button to hang up, a little confirmation tone and the call ended.

    Incoming Call Test
    A little later my brother calls me. I tap the Control button on the side to answer the call, the confirmation tone again and the call quickly connected. Call quality was pretty much the same, very clear and loud. Again I could hear everything fine.

    The Tekkeon ezTalker Mini is very comfortable. I wore it for about 2 hours straight without any discomfort. Some may be able to wear it without the ear-loop but right now I prefer it with the ear-loop. Volume is loud, calls are clear, and it connects/disconnects without a hitch.

    I really like the Tekkeon ezTalker Mini. I feel fortunate that I found a good Bluetooth headset on my second try. It answers quickly, transfers calls quickly and the range seems to be good.

    I am however still having trouble with the Bluetooth on my Treo 650. See my post here for the problems I'm having. I may return my Treo for a replacement. I'm hoping I just got a defective unit.
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    Thanks for the great review. I was about to give up on my Scala, but since the 1.08 update, the darn thing works great and the static issue is gone. Did anyone else have resolution of any bluetooth problems following the update??
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    Good info. Thanks for the input. This may be the new front runner, along with the Bluespoon AX which I hear great things about.
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    Wow, lemme say - I read tcatnat's review JUST as I discovered my Jack Russell ate my Cardo (that I was becoming disenchanted with) headset... I ran to cnet and read the reviews too, and only saw the one about the Treo.. I ordered from Maxwho (great service, shipping is free over $50 and I got a $5 off coupon in my order!) and received my headset 2 days later.. I have just had it on 15 minutes and I can already tell a mongo difference! I love it. Love it love it love it.. I have heard ZERO static - connects very quickly (I think just a tad faster than the Cardo) and the sound is awesome (could be the rubber ear thingies doing that -) also, I called my voicemail and left myself a message - CRYSTAL clear. You can even hear my s's as s's, not TH's......LOL It's clear as can be. I'm impressed...!! (This is my first impression, so I hope I'm not soon to be disappointed. I haven't given it a thorough test run yet.)


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