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    Anybody know how to silence the treo ringer when an incoming call comes in other than sliding over the button? Similary to pushing up/down on the side of and Sony Ericsson phone? Don't want to push ignore as don't want the other person to know I don't want to take the call. Thanks.
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    How would the other person know you pressed the "ignore" button? It just takes them to voicemail. For all they know your phone is off, you're out of service, you're on another call, or you threw your phone under the 6 train.

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    I just reach down and hit the side volume, either up or down, and it silences the ringer.
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    Depends on the model. The unlocked GSM has a bug in it where the volume rocker won't silence the ringer like it's supposed to. The only buttons that silence the ringer without actually ignoring the call are the calendar and messaging buttons. (I really hope the eventual GSM update fixes this.)
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    on my sprint treo 650 the side button does this.
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    When I hit the volume button to silence the ringer, my treo instead answers the call. Anyone know why this might be happening?
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    I don't think my side button does anything at all for incoming calls (unlocked GSM). That's pretty lazy to let a bug like that through, the phone functionality should have been one of the top priorities. I guess this is what I get for bragging about the keyboard lights dimming along with the screen.
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    i have an unlocked 650 (generic) and when I hit the side buttons the ringer mutes, albeit either with the sound on or off (vibe on)
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    what firmware version, hofo_mofo?
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    mine doesnt do anything (cingular branded 650) and no buttons do anything.
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    ^^ 1.14 1.05-row
    ^ what if when the phone is ringing (with the ringer switch on), if you switch it to off, does it turn to your off preferences?
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    And you could always use Agendus for PIM - which has a feature to "turn sound off during meetings" as a prefs setting...
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