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    Ok, I recently erased all data and apps on my 650 in hopes of stopping the "hibernation" of my phone (did'nt work). What I mean by "hibernation" is my 650's phone side of the device (just the phone) will stop working after about two hours of not touching it. So, when I go to bed after a couple of hours my treo quits accepting phone calls. The calls go directly to voice mail. All the while the power to the treo is still on.

    So, the next day as soon as I touch the phone (press any button) it restarts. Is there any internal "hibernation" settings in the treo?

    Does this happen to anyone else?

    This is my biggest gripe with my treo.

    Thanks for any info...
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    You've installed something nasty on the phone, that's the only explaination. Do a zero-out on the phone and resync your data, but not applications, and I bet your phone will be fine.

    Uninstalling applications doesn't always seem to work. Sometimes they leave pieces in memory.

    You might also try doing a soft reset and holding the 5 way Up the entire time from reset until the Palm is ready to use, that'll make it skip sending any resets to applications, see if that helps. If so, it's definately some application interfering.
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    Haven't heard of that one, but a huge percentage of people here report that it takes an extra second or two sometimes to get the screen back... I haven't talked about this issue much, but DO please say something about it at

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    Another hijack by Tundy. C'mon man - this is pretty blatant. If you haven't been able to drum up support for your rant site, leave it alone and move on....

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