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    I have VeriChat set to stay online even when I am not in the actual program (using GPRS). However, if I get a voice call or I call someone, then my GPRS connection is no longer active, thereby logging me off AIM. So if I leave my phone somewhere and I am logged into AIM on VeriChat and someone sends me a message while I'm gone, but then someone also calls my phone... when I come back to my phone, I'll see the missed call, and probably call them immediately. Will I still get that message that someone sent me on AIM while I was gone since now that I've placed a voice call, I'm no longer signed into AIM?

    I realize that was a long confusing sentence, but hopefully someone can understand it and answer it for me. Basically I want to be able to get missed IMs when I come back to my phone and not lose my AIM connection. Voice calls seem to screw that up.
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    Use SMS instead of constant data connection.
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    When you enable the SMS option instead of GPRS... what do the 2 options under SMS mean?
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    Set SMS-email lets you receive SMS messages, you appear online.

    Refresh connection on phone reset (self explainitory)

    not sure on disconnect never used it.
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    Yeah that second one is the one I couldn't figure out what it did.

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