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    Hello Treo users, this is my first post, so please be kind to me

    I just got hold of a Treo 600, while I'm still exploring the wonderful things it does, somehow I realised something a little unhelpful, I need to know if it's just me or it actually is a known issue:

    My workplace is situated in a outskirt area, the GSM signal here is unstable, it goes up and down, sometimes I lost signal completely. The problem I discovered, each time I lost signal (the led turned orange color instead of green), the Treo will not pick it up by itself again and remained no-signal. To deal with this, I have to turn off wireless mode and turn on again so that it will look up for signal, and this is cumbersome. Because there were times I didn't know it has lost signal till the end of the day, when I started to wonder why wasn't there any call at all for the entire day.

    I'm sure there is some setting to fix this, which I had missed. Please share if you know. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Ok, I just found out it DOES auto lookup for network again after losing it. Case closed

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