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    How many of you would be interested in a Calendar function that would allow you to create a list of appointments, save that list and then "push" it out via e0mail to a series of e-mail contacts ?

    In other words:

    1. I wanna have meetings of the Environmentalists for Paving the Rainforests Leadership Group and make a list of 2 meetings a month for the enxt 12 months.

    2. This list gets saved as a pdb file

    3. I can push this out to my e-mail favorites and mail the pdb file to all members of EPRLG.

    4. The members install the pdb file and all the appointments appear in your calendar file.

    basically, what the natara datepak does but w/o the desktop component, instead doing it directly on the Treo.
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    Taking this further...if you created a list of attendees it would push the schedule out to all attendees.

    No replies though....hmmmm.....I would thought such and app would be , as my kids like tlo say...."the bomb".
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    I definately would. I think this is what I asked in another post if there was an app that could do this. I would even be happy with a manual or directed push.
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    I would be interested.
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    I had asked the developer about a "custom" version of a calendar app for my professional organization but after we got talking, it would seem adding a "category" with associated icons and "in attendance" field would fit the bill.

    Let's say for example my own roles involving:

    Little League Baseball - Baseball Category (baseball bat / ball)
    Scouting - Scouting Category (scout logo)
    Professional Organization - NSPE.ORG (NSPE logo)

    There's be an icon associated with each "category" of appointment (oh, BTW, we are talking about a future version of Time Manager Pad - TMP from Lil Red Spider). So I could "Create List" select the category / icon, then select date range and it would list all appontments in that category in that range. You could then select the appointments in that category and "send to" all the attendees as a PDB or CSV or whatever.

    Recipients could import pdb into Palms and the CSV's into whatever. Again, this is ony an "idea" at this point and who knows where it will go but the developer seems intrigued by the idea and I wanted to see if it had any support outside my own personal interests.

    The icon would display in ecah appointment and , I'm hoping, clicking on the icon would allow you to select "preveious" or "next" appointment in that category. You could have similar icons for dentist / doctor / poker night / car maintenance whatever.
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    Sounds like something I would definately be interested in
  7. #7 offers something similar to this.
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    I think wesync also has a "push" feature in beta.
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    Infuzer requires each individual to visit the site and click on events one at a time. It costs money for the service putting out the info....wesync was sold over ayear ago and if it hasn't surfaced yet, I have my doubts.
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    Actually contacted infuzer, and while the product looks good, it wouldn't do what I wanted.

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