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    guys I have 600 and am expecting my 650 in a couple of days... need help to port my user name(want to retain the curr hotsync user name) , apps & settings over
    please the best route..

    one thought is to copy the curr backup folder on Pc somewhere else and somehow remove curr hotsync id from pc(dont know how) and create new partnership and copy prc's over
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    Your best bet is to start from scratch. Where do you have your PIM data, Outlook or Palm Desktop? You will have to use the version of Palm Desktop that comes with the 650, and if you port anything over directly from the old backup folder you are BEGGING for problems. Make a list of all the apps you have. Check the websites of each one for updated versions/patches. If you use Outlook, you are in business. You can remove the old Palm Desktop, rename the old Palm folder, reinstall from scratch and use the same Hotsync name when it prompts you for one during install. Then you should install the apps one by one. Check this thread for some ideas.
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