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    All 650 users should be aware of the following. A search for "Touchscreen Help" has more discussion of this problem.

    My T650 touchscreen just failed and I noticed that when jumping to a new page w/Nav button, the screen data would jump to the rigth a few pixels. Tried to calibrate digitizer and it would not calibrate. Next, a reset and still not working. Next tried to run scroll bar on right edge w/fingernail and it started working again. I assumed something was pinching touchscreen along right edge.

    A search found a discussion & comfirmed my findings.

    I have had about 10 palms since Dec 1996 including two Samsung devices & T600 and have never seen this problem before. Have sold hundreds into an Auto account & this is a first!

    What is going on? Has to be a design flaw.

    PalmOne Help!!!!!
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    my second T650 had this problem It would occur alot in colder weather. But it would surface at random times as well a quick press on the frame of the screen solved it many times.

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