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    I posted before on trying to solve a "signal" drop issue, and I think I have a reason.

    As I stated before I had a Sanyo 5300, and of course the 5300 had the "extendable" antenna.

    I have learned that the area that I am or the signal that im recieving, that at times I will lose signal. Usualy I will only lose it during peak times, but I am loseing it durning calls at times too.

    I called SprintPCS thinking it was another issue, since the 5300 worked fine (no drops), but their explanation was the shorty antenna on the Treo 650.

    What I am wondering is if anyone has had any luck with those "antenna stickers"? Sprint told me basicly how they work and even how to make one myself, but they also said that they dont work with all phones (depends on if the antenna goes down into the battery chamber.)

    Or does anyone have a solution to fixing this?
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    I don't know anything about those stickers working. But an external antenna will without a doubt increase your reception. But as far as I know all that is available is a cabled antenna that would be used in a car or in a fixed position. Not like you would want ot wear the antenna on a cap and walk around like that!
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    i tried one of those antenna stickers with my treo 650. It didn't seem to increase my signal strength (number of bars). It did however, create an audible clicking/beeping while on a call. I removed the sticker after a couple of days and the the beeping/clicking went away.

    I am on Sprint
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    I just put one of those stickers. I had an extra one from a pack I bough a gazillion years ago in a drawer, so what the heck. I'll report back what I hear.
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    Well I dont seem to have an issue when im "out and about", only when im at work behind the front desk or at home.

    The home is what kills me as this is my only phone line.
  6. #6 sells an adapter that allows you to connect an external antenna (building or vehicle mounted) to your 650. for those living in rural areas, their bi-directional amplifier makes a huge difference in coverage. For those in urban/suburban environs who just want to optimize dropped calls, the addition of an antenna should suffice.
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    Yeah those little stickers were ingenious money makers... jeez.

    I regard them as "snake oil" though, never heard of them doing anything for anyone, but, LOL, they sold millions of them (easy to ship via regular mail too)...

    It's incredible that biz ideas like that still works from time to time...

    Truthfully, I have had other phones, out of the box, that got better reception than the 650... ideas?

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    To the extent that those stickers were to theoretically work, they only would work with an analog signal, so no help, even potentially, for the 650.
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    This may seem kinda wierd, but maybe it can just be this simple.

    The Treo 650 has the back plug option for an extended antenna. Is there something that you can just attack to the back of the phone itself and then just plug it in?

    Looking over all these different antennas, they are nice but all about 300% more then what I really need. I get a good signal, except when there is a HUGE draw from the tower (peak times) and only when I am indoors.

    Example I had 3 bars strength then it just cut out on me and im sitting at the front desk of a hotel. The time was 2:15am, which is when everyone would be getting kicked out of the bars. Lasted about 2 mins and it came back at 3 bars.

    I think all I need is something that can give me a increase of like 25% signal. That should stop the "no service" times that im getting.

    Basicly something about the size of the battery cover in height that can just stick on, low profile and I can just attach the plug into the back of the phone.

    Is there something out there? Or would I just be better off to buy like Wilson Low Profile Cellular Antenna which is 5 inches tall and just modify it down to about 2-3 inches and just stick it on the back of the phone.

    I dont need a huge gain, at the most I need 50%, but I believe that 25% would do just fine.

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