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    We'll see if this actually happens -- but I just got off the phone with customer retention and they're supposedly shippig out a 650 to replace the 5th 600 that crapped out on me.

    Here's how i got here: 1st 600 network loop issue, 2nd 600 orange dots, 3rd 600 network loop, 4th orange dots -- 5th Never worked at all (okay -- i walked out of the store and recieved 1 call but it resets now everytime you try to make a call) and after 3 trips to the sprint store and leaving with a phone that didn't work at all i called and threatened to leave (and was serious just wanted to see what they would say -- and let me know how awful their you must go to a store policy is.)

    So they say they're sending me a 650 and to just send my broken 600 back -- we'll see if i get it.
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    whats a network loop???
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    Quote Originally Posted by pita
    whats a network loop???
    Its a known bug in the 600. Starts to show up when the battery starts to go downhill. Search the threads for it. If you battery gets around 50% and then all of a sudden, you start dropping calls or cant make any calls even thought you might have 3 or 4 bars of service.

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