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    Actualy I have the famoius noise problem with my treo600 GSM.
    I have Also a problem with my battery, If i Tried to use any fonction with my phone its Ok but I tried to make a call Its start to be horrible.

    Can someone indicate me If i need to update my Firware and what is the last firm ware avaible.

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    What's "firware"? Is that another name for a thong?
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    You mean like this??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    You mean like this??

    People, I just ate my lunch here.
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    hope you didn't have a deja-vu with your lunch.
    Anyway, if you have a noise problem, firMware upgrade might help. Just do a search.
    Although for me it didn't do jack ****. I took appart the treo and shielded the wire going from the battery to the PCB. That solved the noise problem completely ... now i'm a happy camper with the T600
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    Finally, a thoroughly entertaining thread.....

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