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    I have just started playing around with Chattermail. Had one question though - I have set up two IMAP accounts (one is mailblocks and other .mac) and for both of them I have selected "Offline" and "QSync" every 30 minutes.

    Why do the green arrows on top of my Signal strength show green even after the mailboxes have been synced. Does that mean it is still connected to the network - based on the posts I have read (and my understanding of the manual) I though having Offline use and Qsync was the equivelant of doing a send & receive on a POP3 server (i am also new to IMAP) so once the emails were downloaded there should be no connection to the network.

    So my question is this - do the green arrows being on mean that I am sending and receiving data from the network, or just that there is a connection available IN CASE I want to send and receive data. I want to make sure that I am not constantly on the network since I don't need true push capability - every 30 minutes is good enough for me.

    Thanks - appreciate the help.
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    anant - Depends on your carrier. If it's GSM (Cingular/TMO/AT&T), then green arrows only mean that the data network is available for use (GPRS attached). If on CDMA (Sprint/Verizon) it means that a data session is active.

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    I have AT&T / Cingular - so it sounds like green arrows just mean that connection is available - this may not be a question for you to answer - but do you know how to tell how much data is being transferred on the phone - kinda like on a laptop clicking on the network status shows the number of KB sent/received.
    Thanks - loving chatter so far!
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    anant - There's no easy way to track data usage. Are you paying by the MB?

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    Yes - paying by the MB - well on a 10MB plan - will just have to track usage on the AT&T web site and see if I need to go to a unlimited plan.
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    I use a program called "Call Totals" from, part of the PhoneToolsPro suite. A little pricey at $19.95 but it does the job. See for more information.

    There's also KBTracker but I don't know anything about it.

    HTH, Jesse
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    Thanks! Will try KB Tracker and if that doesnt meet the needs then Call Totals!
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    FYI - Kbtracker does not work on the 600/650 - says they will support soon?

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