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    After upgrading my phone with the latest SprintPCS firmware upgrade, I am now required to re-pair my Treo 650 with my laptop computer. It works fine and will synchronize the rest of the day, but the next day, it puts me through the pairing routine. I have tried going through the Bluetooth Setup (for HotSync Setup) on the Treo a number of times, but it doesn't "stick" for another day.

    My Trusted Devices on the Treo always shows the correct devices.

    This has only been happening since the firmware upgrade.

    Thank you!
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    yeah i have the same problem but it's with my scala 500 & my body glove bluetooth matter which one i use i have to always re-pair them everytime i turn them on. i deleted the trusted devices cache and just put one headset on the phone,but it still does it.....any suggestions anyone...does it have to do with the firmware update or what?
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    I would check to see if you have remnants of the bluetooth carkit update on your Treo. After I updated to 1.08 and restored from a backup, I still had these files lying around. and I had to manually remove them.

    Look through the Bluetooth* and Bt* files for sets of 2 files with *identical* names but different sizes. You can safely try to delete both of these, which will succeed on one (the one in RAM) and fail on the other (the one in ROM).

    Then soft reset your Treo and see what happens.
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    I seem to be seeing this with my Jabra headset. I don't have any extra Bluetooth or Bt files on my phone.
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    I'm still having this problem. I have no duplicate BT databases and I continue to have to re-pair my desktop and my Treo EVERY DAY!

    Ugh! Isn't anyone else having a problem with this?
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    I had this happen until I put Shadowmite's bluetooth fix. Now the pairing stays and the connection time is much shorter.

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